Hospice Physician and End-Of-Life Doula

May 4, 2021  

Would it surprise you to know that being with death profoundly enriches my experience of living?     

Having worked in Hospice all my adult life—starting as a volunteer when I was 17 and recently as a hospice physician for 10 years—I know the blessings that accompany a conscious, compassionate dying process. Yet the fear of death is pervasive, as is the troubling lack of preparedness.     

My appreciation for those blessings and my concern about the lack of attention given to death and dying have led to an important transition for me. I recently replaced my flip phone with a smart phone(!) and opened social media accounts (with the help of friends) in preparation for expanding my work—I’m leaving the corporate world of medicine to dive deep into exploring how to transform our approach to the final stages of our lives.   

The only certainty about living is that we will at some point experience death. From what I’ve witnessed, people who approach this time of their lives with openness, honesty, and curiosity have peaceful transitions. While there can be moments of sadness and suffering, the overall experience for them and their loved ones is of appreciation, gratitude and grace.   

As emphasized in all spiritual traditions, human experience is transient. Death is a part of life, not separate from it. It is not something to attempt to avoid. Dying is natural and inevitable and deserves our caring attention. I am committed to expanding awareness of its lessons.   

As co-founder of the Center for Conscious Living and Dying (CCLD, www.facebook.com/ccld.community) with Cassie Barrett, a green cemetery operator, I am passionate about the “death-positive movement” underway in our society. This transformation in our attitude is magnified by the pandemic in which many of us are faced with death for the first time.    

As a physician, end-of-life doula and musician,  I welcome the opportunity to support you in any way I can.  I look forward to our connecting in what can be the most meaningful passage of life for you and your loved ones.


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