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The Value of Death w/Aditi Sethi on You're Going to Die: The Podcast!


Join host Ned Buskirk in conversation with Dr. Aditi Sethi, hospice & palliative care physician, end-of-life doula, & musician, talking about her work as Founder & Executive Director of the Center for Conscious Living & Dying, the dying of Ethan Sisser captured in the documentary The Last Ecstatic Days, & how Aditi’s life journey has led to her work & being in the world.

The Heart of Hospice Podcast: Interview with Aditi Sethi, MD


"Dr. Aditi Sethi-Brown, founder of the Center for Conscious Living and Dying, has devoted her career to promoting positive death experiences.  She’s a rare hybrid in healthcare, both a hospice physician and an end of life doula.  According to the Center for Conscious Living and Dying (CCLD) website, “CCLD has a vision for death, dying, and grief that involves greater community involvement and connection to the mystery of this season of life. Death is a mirror in which our own lives are reflected”. Aditi feels deeply the importance of supporting dying patients with not only medical skills, but with compassion and empathy.  She started volunteering in hospice at age 17, realizing early in her career that she wanted to work in end of life care. Aditi has a beautiful dedication and philosophy that guides the work she does with seriously ill patients and their families."

EOL University Podcast: Center for Conscious Living and Dying: An End-of-Life Care Home with Aditi Sethi, MD


"My guest Dr. Aditi Sethi is a hospice and palliative care physician and end-of-life doula. She is the founder and executive director of the Center for Conscious Living and Dying, a community supported end-of-life care home near Asheville NC. Aditi shares her journey toward working with death and dying and the creative inspiration that is bringing CCLD into existence. We discuss why the care home model may be the solution to many problems currently facing hospice and end-of-life care."

Reimagine: "The Last Ecstatic Days: A Conversation About Community Care."


A conversation with Aditi Sethi, MD and Hannah Fowler, RN regarding the film "The Last Ecstatic Days,"

Reimagine: "Table Talk South Asian Perspectives on Palliative Care"


Drawing on medicine, end-of-life doula work, spirituality, activism, and the arts, this Table Talk, with Naheed Dosani, MD and Aditi Sethi, MD, provides South Asian perspectives on providing comfort and palliative care to the dying.  

Ram Dass: Love Serve Remember Foundation: Women's Satsang: "Living and Dying with Care." 


Aditi shares how we can embrace the divine feminine as we live our lives with awareness and presence and approach “letting go," and “death” in all its forms. 

VNA (Visiting Nurse Association) Bereavement Team Series:  "Conscious Death, Conscious Life"


Aditi shares her experience as a Hospice Doc and End-of-life Guide

UU Church: "Conscious Living, Conscious Dying"


Aditi and Jay offer music and reflections for UU church service in Black Mountain, NC.

Embodied: Meet The People Who Ease The Process of Death: End-Of-Life Doulas


In a time of ongoing collective grief, how are you thinking about your relationship to death? The work of death doulas can help you understand that transition. 

Asheville Wisdom Exchange: "Conscious Life, Conscious Death."


Death like life, can be approached with intention, curiosity and awareness and a willingness to be engaged with an open heart and mind. Hospice doctor Aditi Sethi-Brown and green cemetery operator Cassie Barrett share their first-hand experiences working with individuals and families who chose to approach death consciously and the incredible healing and peace that is possible when death is approached with grace. They will share their experiences as death doulas, and with home funerals and green burials.

Life in the Liminal 


"This week in the Liminal we meet Hospice physician & end-of-life doula, Dr. Aditi Sethi, and musician & Hospice music therapist, Jay Brown, and listen to their illuminating original songs, stories, and reflections on the role of music in Hospice settings."

"How do you know that?"  


"'Death is not a failure,' says Hospice doc, Aditi Sethi-Brown." A conversation with Biographer, Sheridan Hill

The Institute for The Study of Birth, Breath and Death  


A discussion on Death and Dying during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  


A reflection of the dying process, home funeral and green burial of beloved Paula Brown.

Words to Live By 


A conversation with Dr. Aditi Sethi-Brown, a musician, community organizer, budding entrepreneur and hospice & palliative medicine physician.  We talk about end of life care, music, role conflict and much more.

Transforming Space, Self, and Loss  


Part of Melody Lebaron's Agents of Transformation series, this is an interview with Aditi and Cassie, co-founders of Center for Conscious Living and Dying.

Fab Friday, Health and Wellness Series Dying at Home 


Online webinar for "Osher LIfelong Learning Institute," entitled "Dying at Home," offering information and education regarding Hospice services, End-of-Life Doula services, Green Burials and more.

Mothers and Others


"Supporting Others Through Grief" - In a culture of death avoidance, when people are grieving, we don't really know how to support them. We haven't been given the tools and how to care for others in this vulnerable time isn't modelled for us. That results in a lot of people being isolated in their grief - a time when they need their community the most. Aditi Sethi-Brown, a hospice doctor, and Cassie Barrett, a green cemetery operator have held space for many people and families through their grief and will share tips on what we can do to increase our capacity to hold space for others as they grieve.

To Grieve


Discussion about the Ceremonial Grief Concerts that are offered quarterly by a group based in Asheville, NC, harnessing the powers of collective grieving and music to hold space for the work of spiritual transformation in the wake of grief. 

November 28, 2022

     Center for Conscious Living & Dying plans to launch in Fall 2023! In the meantime you can check out our new website: www.ccld.community.

December 20, 2021

Recently, I, along with others in the Asheville community, had the honor of caring for Ethan Sisser during his final days of life. He was a 36-year-old soulful man with brain cancer, who requested his dying process be filmed with the intention of alleviating fears of dying. 

We are excited to share that  “The Last Ecstatic Days,” a feature documentary about dying well will be released in Winter 2022. 

The film will bring you inside the world of conscious dying, traveling hand-in-hand with Ethan "E3” on his profoundly vulnerable journey to the other side. At the height of the pandemic he became a beloved social media influencer. He inspired thousands around the world with his message of conscious dying: “I am embodied. I am empowered. I am ecstatic.” This film is part of his powerful legacy.

You can view the teaser trailer below. If you are inspired, please donate to support the production/post-production of this film:


Website: https://www.thelastecstaticdaysmovie.com/

With gratitude! 

December 17, 2021

"Green burials can change our relationship with death — and help the Earth."

Washington Post Article by Mallory McDuff, author of "Our Last Best Act," discusses green burials and honors Paula Brown, one of my dearest friends and the mother of my husband, Jay.