As a child under the guidance of her parents and grandparents from India, Aditi began offering devotional music from the Sikh and Hindu traditions and Indian folk music to her community in Augusta, Georgia. More recently, she has been studying Indian devotional and classical music with her guru, Krishna Kant Shukla, who lives in Varnasi, India. 

She has a deep passion and interest in the power of sacred sound and healing mantras to deepen the experience of life and death. As a Hospice and Palliative Medicine physician and end-of-life doula, she is committed to caring for those aging and dying.  She offers these ancient melodies and mantras using voice, harmonium, shruti box, and harp to those experiencing transitions in their lives.  She continues to explore ways to enhance and deepen the experiences of those aging and dying and to reconnect with the mystery of this human experience.​

Her other music pursuits include playing music with her husband, Jay Brown, a musician and Hospice music therapist. They pulled together their eclectic backgrounds to create an original sound when they formed the band, Shantavaani in 2010. Continuing on as “Aditi and Jay,” they play contemplative music with roots. They offer Indian and American folk and spiritual music as well as original music.

In addition, Aditi and Jay recently formed a group called "The Appalucians," with Angie Heimann and Cas Sochaki of "The Blushin' Roulettes." The Appalucians play music from the mountains of Western North Carolina, featuring spirited songwriting, tight harmonies, and a lovely layered interplay between dobro, guitars, harp, bass, and banjo.  The Appalucians first CD, "Bright Hills," will be released in Spring 2018.

Aditi also plays with other local musicians in Asheville including Jojo Silverman, Greg Lathrop, Jason Hebal and J.Q Vay.


To Grieve: Episode Number 8

Words to Live By;

A conversation with Dr. Aditi Sethi-Brown, a musician, community organizer, budding entrepreneur and hospice & palliative medicine physician.  We talk about end of life care, music, role conflict and much more.

Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip